Gaming as a Hobby

There is no set of rules that dictate what you can and cannot have as your hobbies. If there were such a thing, it’ll pretty much destroy the very reason people have hobbies to begin with. A hobby can be anything that a person likes to do in their spare time, it just needs to bring them pleasure. You’ll meet different kinds of people with all kinds of hobbies. Some of these hobbies you might strike you as a tab bit odd as well. You might already have someone in mind with a strange obsession with collecting seeds from different fruits and storing them into neatly labelled jars. Other people have less eccentric hobbies which include reading books, watching movies or even keeping pets. You can really tell a lot about a person by the kinds of hobbies they have and if you can’t, they will since people love talking about things that interests them. Now let’s move the spotlight over to you, what are your hobbies? Do you have things you like to do? You probably do. What we’re about to talk about next might already be a hobby of yours. Playing video games!

gamingGaming is growing increasingly popular among all ages of people these days, you might remember having seen that YouTube video about someone’s grandmother beating them in Call of Duty, for example. People love gaming on consoles, computers as well as on their smart phones as a means of killing time and having a group activity. However, to some people Gaming is more than just a means of fast forwarding spare time, some people actually game with passion and participate in tournaments as well. Gaming is a great hobby to have actually. These days, you’ll find video games with state of the art graphics which are nothing short of gorgeous, totally immersive gameplay that makes your handheld controller a part of you and video games will also tell you some of the best stories you will ever come across as well. In addition, playing games requires a lot of hand eye coordination and since it’s all about challenging you to advance in the game, your mind gets a great deal of healthy stimulation. Gone are the days where games were seen as a means of children wasting time that they could have otherwise better spent in their studies rather than in front of a screen. The kind of HD displays we get these days are far easier on the eyes as well so that throws a wrench in that argument as well. Playing video games is just about the perfect way of getting away from your daily routine for a while and indulging in the 3D world for a while. You can also play online games with your friends which is a great group activity. It gives you something to talk about as well as an interactive environment for you and your friends. For these reasons, if you have the time and are looking for a way out of your monotonous daily routine, you should really try playing a god video game!


Drawing as a Hobby

draw-mickey-mouse06You will meet many different people with different interests in your daily interactions with your peers, whether you’re in school, go to work or frequent in any other kind of social setting. People will tell you all kinds of different things. You’ll find that some people like to talk a lot about themselves while others enjoy talking about their loved ones, including family and even pet animals from time to time. You’ll also come to see that different people have different kinds of hobbies that they like to pursue. You might have already met someone with a peculiar habit of collecting bottle caps from various brands of soda and beer. Perhaps you’ve run into a book enthusiast or a movie buff. Maybe someone you know is a car junkie and can identify the kind and configuration of a random car’s engine just by hearing its idling sound while wearing a blindfold. People have different kinds of hobbies. All a hobby really needs is to be something that one likes doing and can stay healthily distracted by it. Okay now let’s move on to you, do you have a hobby? Are you may be looking for a new kind of hobby to explore? If so, we have a suggestion for you, Why not try your hand at art?

Drawing and painting can be a great hobby. Now some people may tell you that in order to be able to draw something worth dignifying as art, you need natural talent. However, that is not very true. Ask anyone you know who makes great drawings to show you their older works, they’ll jump at the opportunity to show you their scribbles and doodles from when they were in grade school. You’ll clearly see how far they’ve come in their artistic endeavor. If you like drawings, you should definitely try your hand at it. You’re going to start pretty rough but as long as you keep trying, you’ll get better and feel the progress, which is a very gratifying feeling. What you draw is entirely up to you, maybe there’s a certain bench at the park you like siting at every now and then because the view is nice but don’t know what else to do other than just sitting, here’s an idea. Why not take a sketch book along next time and try drawing your view? You’ll feel more productive and you’ll find yourself completely immersed in your sketch, which is a great feeling. If you’re a fan of comics and/or manga, here’s another great idea. Draw some of your favorite characters! There’s an immense amount of pleasure in recreating the characters you love, you’re going to have to learn a bit here but that will only give you an opportunity to approach other artists and maybe soon your hobby will lead to you becoming a part of a community. With some practice and time you’ll become a proud artist and be able to look at your older drawings and smile at how far you’ve come. Drawing is a very gratifying, immersive and refreshing hobby!


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